The Festival is organized by Confindustria Romagna with the intention to draw public attention to the social value of the enterprise, and its irreplaceable engine of growth and progress for the entire community.

The Festival consists of events produced by the Association (photographic exhibitions on the history of the associated companies, and themed evenings on the corporate culture) and directly in the initiatives promoted by the associated enterprises (open days etc.). It’s a good opportunity to companies to raise their profile by the world around them.

1st Edition – June 2015

High-end bitumen for road and industrial use: a strategic choice with care for the environment and safety.

Alma Petroli has joined the Festival opening, for the first time, the gates of the refinery to citizenship with a guided tour of its facilities. Among the visitors also boys, children accompanied by their mothers, retired employees: an occasion of knowledge for citizens but also for the families of employees who have had a chance to see where their loved ones spend hours of their lives and for former employees who have retained a good memory

2nd Edition – June 2016

Continuity over time in Ravenna and perseverance “in the bitumen roads”

Alma Petroli has joined the Festival for the second year by opening the gates of the refinery to citizenship with a guided tour of its facilities. The main innovation was a photographic exhibition staged on the dock, in the magnificent natural scenery of the Candiano canal. The 22 pictures, unpublished, were made directly by staff Alma Petroli and tell the original point of view of those who daily, through their work, lives the refinery, ensuring continuity and local presence. The photographs were later offered for sale and the proceeds donated to charity Volunteer Association “Il Mosaico” of the pediatric department of Ravenna.