Chiara Agostini


Environment & Quality Manager

"The most significant aspect of my job is helping the company do something real, something concrete to protect the environment and prevent all forms of pollution".


I have been working at Alma Petroli since 2005 and today I am the Environment & Quality Manager. I am in charge of maintaining the Integrated Quality and Management System and ensuring legislative compliance.

Before I became manager, I was the Assistant Environment and Quality Manager.

A few years later, the position of Manager opened up and so I advanced my in-house candidacy. Being promoted made me feel highly valued: it was a dream come true. But it was more than that: I saw the results of all my efforts of the previous years.

For me, working at Alma Petroli means being part of a solid reality, looking forward to progress and innovation, without losing sight of its history, a history of which I am part, too!

I see my future here, at Alma, always with the same enthusiasm, the same desire to do things well!