Enrico Fiammenghi


Production Supervisor

"In my opinion, Alma Petroli offers the opportunity to work in a strong company that believes in the value of people".


I am Enrico Fiammenghi and I have been working at Alma Petroli since 1994. I hold the position of Production Supervisor and I mainly manage Production Area work permits and maintenance activities. In addition, working together with my supervisor, I manage production activities.

Previously, I was a shift supervisor at our refinery, until I got the opportunity to change position. When I embarked on this in-house career path, I felt valued because it enabled me to see the refinery from a completely different point of view.

Alma is not too big, so it's nice that the relations among colleagues often go beyond just working together.

I hope that the company can continue to grow, expanding its sphere of operations and continuing to give its employees the opportunity for ongoing professional growth.