Fabrizio Foschini


Laboratory Operator

"When I was hired, I was very happy because I met people I was comfortable with and the company immediately offered me a job in line with my skills".


I am Fabrizio and I had my first experience at the company, in the Environment and Quality Department, while I was still studying, through a university internship.

Since January 2018 I have been employed by Alma Petroli as a Laboratory Assistant.

In my role, I am in charge of running analyses on the various samples arriving in the refinery. Moreover, I perform quality control on the products we sell as well as Research and Development activities.

In my opinion, working at Alma Petroli is an opportunity because the company is constantly developing; it is a place where human relations are even-handed and the general climate is good.

I see the future of Alma looking out on new horizons, doing everything to be a great company!