Bitume industriale


For industrial applications - e.g. production of bituminous membranes, electrical and thermal insulations - the properties of the bitumen must guarantee resistance to ageing and oxidation under various weather conditions, as well as protection, flexibility and impermeability.  We produce industrial bitumen particularly suitable for the manufacture of various waterproofing membranes, bitumen suitable for APP compound (plastomeric polymers), bitumen suitable for SBS compound (elastomeric polymers) and self-adhesive elastomeric membranes.

Based on a careful selection of raw materials, dedicated production processes, R&D activities and laboratory quality controls, over the years Alma Petroli has developed a wide range of bitumens, varying in terms of properties, performance and suitability for the various formulations used by membrane manufacturers.

Within the various ranges of industrial bitumen, a further distinction is made according to the different degrees of penetration: 80/110, 180/240, 260/320, 300/400, based on seasonal factors and specific client requirements.

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Alma Petroli industrial bitumen feature:


  • excellent compatibility with APP and SBS polymers;
  • excellent performance in both hot and cold compounds;
  • excellent oven performance.


After years of collaboration with membrane manufacturers and with a keen eye to the clients’ production requirements, we can provide ad hoc solutions that use the bitumen best suited to the membrane manufacturers’ own formulations.

Alma Petroli is therefore a benchmark, the ideal partner for manufacturers working in the industry.