Our managers embodies the Alma Petroli structure, relations and expertise

The recognition and development of managerial careers involves ethics, entrepreneurship, expertise, proactivity, results-oriented attitude and commitment to the corporate values.

Through professionalism and well consolidated, people- and innovation-oriented leadership models, Alma Petroli's management ensures that corporate strategies are translated into excellent results.



Sergio Bovo


Before joining Alma Petroli, Sergio Bovo was BU Oil Director and CEO of Refining & Fuel Distribution companies. He later served as Director of Rina Group Subsidiaries in South East Asia.

Sergio Bovo

Stefano Baracca

Head of Procurement

Stefano Baracca is Head of Procurement and Director of the Board, as well as member of Investments Committee.

Since 2001 he is Cura Consorzio Director and Esco Solution Director from 2018.

Stefano Baracca

Antonino Sciascia

Chief Operating Officer

Antonino Sciascia was born in Agrigento in 1970. He is Plant Director since January 2009 as well as Processing Manager from January 2015.

Fotografia di Antonino Sciascia

Paolo Cimatti

Head of Administration & Finance

Paolo Cimatti has been with Alma Petroli since 1982 where he worked on IT and accounting development reporting to the Head of Administration & Finance, responsibility that he took in 2000.

Paolo believes that enthusiasm, determination and ability to change and evolve are the keys.

Foto di Paolo Cimatti

Ottaviano Corradino

Head of Supply & Sales

Ottaviano Corradino has more than 20 years of experience in Oil Trading. He joined Alma Petroli in 2019 as Head of Supply & Sales.

Foto di Ottaviano Corradino

Mariapia Roma

Head of HR & Legal Affairs

Mariapia Roma has more than twenty years of experience as labor lawyer. She joined Alma Petroli in 2009 as HR Manager; she is Head of Human Resources & Legal Affairs since 2017.

Mariapia Roma

Pietro Scala

Deputy Refinery Manager

Pietro Scala is graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico in Milan, and he began his professional career in the ERG Group at the Supersite of Priolo Gargallo (SR) in 2001. His first role was  Process Engineer and later he moved to the Production Manager position. He joined SGS company where he worked for 5 years as Sicily Branch Manager.

In 2015 he joined the Alma Petroli team with the role of Operations Manager and now he is Deputy Refinery Manager. 

Pietro Scala

Alessandro Orselli

Planning, Controlling & IT Manager

Alessandro Orselli worked with well established accounting firms in Milan and then as Group CFO Assistant for an important Fashion Company.

He graduated at Bocconi University in Business Administration, business consultant and auditor, he joined Alma Petroli in 2010 where he is now Planning, Control & IT Manager.

Alessandro Orselli

Organisation Chart

Alma Petroli's organisational structure is representative of the Company itself, its history, its know-how and skills.