Bitume ossidato


One of the methods used in the production of special bitumens is through oxidization of the residues of vacuum distillation, performed by blowing air under controlled, high temperature conditions (230-260°C) for a set amount of time. As a result of the above process, the consistency of the bitumen and its associated properties undergo profound changes thus the oxidized bitumen is produced.

The lower susceptibility to temperature, excellent high temperature performance and particular resistance to chemical agents make these oxidized bitumens particularly suitable for uses other than road paving or, more specifically: waterproofing and roofing of buildings, plumbing applications, production of bricks for industrial applications, protective and anti-corrosive coatings, electrical, thermal and soundproofing insulation, production of bituminous paints, glues and inks.

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Alma Petroli produces oxidized bitumen in a Ring & Ball range (55-130°C) and Penetration range (5-60 dmm) that meets the classes outlined in EN 13304, or according to the client’s specific requirements.


Building on decades of production experience and constant Research and Development, we can supply products in line with the client’s own specifications.