bitume ossidato in pani


The oxidized bitumen produced by the Alma Petroli refinery can also be packaged in blocks for long-distance delivery or for clients requiring small quantities.

Measuring about 60x50x12 cm and weighing around 29 Kg, the blocks are wrapped in a polythene film and packed on pallets (105x125cm) containing 32 or 40 blocks.

This oxidized bitumen in blocks for hot applications has the same properties as the bulk oxidized bitumen and is used similarly as:

  • connecting layer between compatible cement substrates and heat insulation;
  • connecting layer between compatible heat insulation materials;
  • protective covering layer on cement surfaces

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The following types of oxidised bitumens are normally produced in blocks: 90-100 in winter; 100-110 in  summer, or even harder grades according to specific client requests.