Bitume stradale


Bitumen used as binder in road paving is laid by heating, mixed with inert materials in the bituminous conglomerate (asphalt) production plants, or it can be emulsified with water or laid using cold recycling techniques. 

Given its adhesion and cohesion properties and high impermeability, paving bitumen offers resistance to most acids and salts, thus guaranteeing long-lasting performance; moreover, this material can be recycled.

Thanks to these properties, bitumen is the prime material used in road paving and maintenance.

In compliance with the requirements outlined in UNI EN 12591, Alma Petroli can produce and market the following classes of paving-grade bitumen: 20/30, 35/50, 50/70, 70/100, 100/150 and 160/220.

Furthermore, as per UNI EN 12591, the following classes of naturally emulsifiable bitumens can be obtained by refining naphthenic crude oils: 70/100E, 100/150E and 160/220E.

Given the production process used, our careful selection of raw materials and our quality control system, the bitumen produced in our refinery fully meets severity level 1 (maximum resistance to ageing) required by the EN 12591 and its typical values for the various properties and analytical characteristics are significantly higher than the minimum requirements indicated by the standard.

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Alma Petroli road paving bitumens features:


  • excellent resistance to cold;
  • excellent behaviour at high operating temperatures;
  • excellent resistance to ageing.


These characteristics make them particularly suitable for use in road paving.