Romolo Zaffi

Romolo Zaffi

Refinery Supervisor

"When I was hired, it was a reason of pride for me and my family!"


My name is Romolo Zaffi and I have been working at Alma Petroli for more than 20 years.

I can say I have always known this company since my father worked here before me. 

I started out when I was only 26 and I had the chance  to follow a gradual career path that trained me personally and professionally, moving from logistics to production where I am currently a shift supervisor, acquiring knowledge and experience in the production cycle as a whole.

I try to pay utmost attention to the equipment, resources and systems entrusted to me and this in full compliance with the operational, safety and environmental standards that our activities require. At the same time, as far as possible, I seek to establish inter-personal relations that are above board as this facilitates better dialogue.

Our company is in continuous evolution — both technical and procedural — and this requires scrupulous, ongoing updating on our part to ensure that we are always in line with changing production and market requirements.

These are basically the reasons why I believe that working at Alma is an added value: human relations and ongoing evolution.