At Alma Petroli, safety is considered a factor of primary importance and it is addressed and managed in full compliance with the following reference standards:


  • general regulations concerning health and safety in the workplace according to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 “Consolidated Safety Act”.
  • regulations concerning companies at risk of major accidents according to Italian Legislative Decree 105/15 “Seveso ter”.


This means that all refinery activities and plant engineering are subject to specific procedures to ensure plant efficiency and worker health and safety.

All persons who will be working in the plant, before being placed on the job, are flanked by an experienced operator for an adequate period of time.


The Integrated Management System, which also includes OHSAS 18001 certification, guarantees that the structures and procedures meet high safety standards.

There is also a Safety Management System in place, developed in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 105/15 and which takes into account the accident scenarios as identified in the Safety Report which is updated every 5 years.

The plants are equipped with automatic devices, alarms and interlocking devices, positioned at critical points and designed and built to keep the plant running safely.


From an operational point of view, continuous monitoring by company personnel, daily routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance, performed by specialized personnel, minimize the likelihood that a major accident could occur.



Based on the experience accrued, maintenance is scheduled at predefined intervals or carried out on the basis of specific risk assessments. And last but not least, there is an instrumental, electrical and mechanical support service.



Alma Petroli’s commitment to application of safety and fire prevention regulations took shape during 2015 when the company obtained Fire Prevention Certification from the Provincial Fire Brigade of Ravenna, a very important goal if one considers the obstacles to its attainment encountered by companies at risk of major accidents.

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