Simone Comanzo

Simone Comanzo

Electrical-Instrumental Coordinator

“I have been working at Alma Petroli for 13 years. Now, in the Engineering and Investments Area, I hold the position of Electrical-Instrumental Coordinator: I am responsible for designing new systems and for modifications and improvements to existing systems.”


I joined Alma as an Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance Coordinator and then had the opportunity to build my own internal career path. It was certainly a lucky moment because Alma Petroli proposed two different development paths to me, and I feel that it is neither commonplace nor a given to be able to choose how to grow and be able to express a preference in this regard!

Personally, I think I chose the more difficult path, but if I could go back, I would do it all over again, because the company has had the utmost confidence in me, and it has been stimulating.

When there are problems to be solved, opportunities or new ideas to be implemented, I think that this is the most distinguishing aspect of my work.

 I see the future of Alma Petroli as full of interesting projects, and I hope to continue to grow professionally.