Alma people

People make our reality solid and performing

Believing in the people who work at Alma Petroli is one of the values and strengths of all our corporate best practices.

At Alma Petroli, people are responsible for their actions, they believe in their jobs and help the team as a whole evolve.

Specialisation and constant upgrading of one’s skills, together with flexibility and professionalism, are some of the strengths that propel us forward toward continuous innovation to meet market demands.

We believe that prepared, motivated people that feel valued are Alma Petroli’s true capital.

Alma Petroli in Numbers

Who we are

Chiara Agostini

Environment & Quality Manager

Fabrizio Foschini

Laboratory Operator

Romolo Zaffi

Refinery Supervisor

Christian Cizzo

Logistics Operator

Sabrina Cavalieri D’Oro

Supply & Sales Specialist

Enrico Fiammenghi

Production Supervisor

Paolo Penso

Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator

Giuseppe Calabria

Administration & Finance Manager