Alma Petroli’s production site includes a tank farm for the storage of petroleum-based products, several loading/unloading stations and a port terminal for loading/unloading tankers.

Storage & transfer areas

The tank farm ensures smooth refinery production as it includes storage tanks for incoming raw materials (crude oil and semi-finished products), intermediate products and outgoing finished products.

The total storage capacity is approximately 137,000 m3, divided into 55 tanks grouped together and equipped with containment basins.

There are several pumping stations for unloading raw materials, loading products and for internal transfers.

In fact, the tank farm location is designed to provide versatility both for the storage of raw materials and finished products, thus ensuring that different qualities of bitumen are available at all times.

Receiving & shipping areas

The refinery has several bays for unloading the raw materials received by tanker truck as well as several stations for loading finished products (gas oil and various types of bitumen) onto the tanker trucks.

In particular, there are separate loading stations for the different types of bitumen produced (paving grade bitumen, industrial bitumen, oxidised bitumen and soon also modified bitumen for road applications).

Petroleum products terminal

The refinery is located in the Port of Ravenna and is directly connected to the sea.

The terminal – used to receive/ship raw materials and products by sea – is approximately 230 m long and can berth ships with a deadweight tonnage of around 80,000 to handle batches of raw materials and finished products ranging from 2000 to 40,000 tons.

It also has dedicated connection pipes running to the refinery to transfer the various products.

The terminal is also equipped with a loading arm used to load/unload crude oil and semi-finished products to/from tankers.