High Quality Bitumens since 1960

Founded in 1957 and in operation since 1960, Alma Petroli has always been focused on the production of paving grade, industrial and special bitumens.

Annually it processes 550 thousand tons of raw materials – crude oil and heavy semi-finished products.

The refinery is located in the heart of the industrial district of Ravenna, has direct access to the canal port and its own logistic facilities for both sea and overland transport.

The systems, structures and assets have been designed, and are now managed and developed, to guarantee the highest degree of flexibility in serving the bitumen markets.

The evolution in the company has taken place – and is still ongoing – through corporate investments in its own production units and human capital, aimed at steadily building client loyalty and consolidating partnerships. Among these, the processing agreements signed with some sector leaders testify to the level of the services provided.

Today Alma Petroli is a European leader in the production of high quality bitumen, with a tailor-made business model and standards of excellence that stand out for both Safety and Environment.