The refinery

For a High Quality Bitumen Production

Designed and built specifically for the production of high quality bitumen, the refinery has a 550,000 t/year distillation plant and consists essentially of an atmospheric distillation section and a vacuum distillation section. There are also two bitumen oxidation reactors for the production of oxidized bitumen and a plant for packaging oxidized bitumen blocks.

The Strategic Position

The site is located inside the Petrochemical District of Ravenna, on the left bank of the Candiano Canal which is linked directly to the sea and serves as the city’s canal port. Consequently, given its strategic position, the refinery can make the most of both overland transport of raw materials and products – via the roadways of the Ravenna industrial area – and sea transport through its terminal.

The Tailored Approach

Thanks to its dimensions, storage layout and skillsets within the organization, the “Tailor’s shop” production model makes it possible to produce different, specialized quality bitumens.

We produce on our own behalf as well as for third-parties, an area in which we collaborate with the major refining companies.

We also produce ad hoc bitumen, following the client’s specifications, applying a production approach based on flexibility and precision.