Research & Development

Thanks to the high technical content inherent to the production and application processes, the bituminous binders are up to the challenges expected in the years to come – the need for innovation and sustainability – providing a tangible contribution in terms of performance and environmental protection.

We are fully aware that bitumen is a strategic business for industry and mobility,and we have decided to adapt our structure in pursuit of our goals. It is in this light that we have created the Innovation and Technology Department, specifically dedicated to Research and Development activities, to innovation and the development of new products geared to providing solutions to current and future market needs.

The appropriate selection of the raw materials

Continuous innovation

In particular, the result of the duo – R&D plus an appropriate selection of the raw materials – is a process of continuous innovation to offer increasingly high performance bitumen.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industry, the various applications for which bitumen is used and the bitumen production process as well as the availability of a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge analytical equipment and methodologies, Alma Petroli’s Innovation and Technology Department provides efficient market support. Working with the clients, we can develop dedicated, specific solutions to meet different application needs.

A broad portfolio of specifications and solutions

Tangible results

As regards industrial bitumen suitable for bituminous membranes and oxidized bitumen for industry, the interchange on product development with our clients has been underway for years, enabling us to develop a wide portfolio of specifications and solutions for the various user formulations.

Therefore Alma Petroli constitutes a benchmark, the ideal technical partner for the key industrial enterprises.