What they are and how they are produced

Bitumen derives from the refining of crude oil; in particular it represents the heaviest fraction obtained. At room temperature, it is a solid, black to dark brown product with viscoelastic behaviour and excellent adhesion and impermeability properties.

In the field of bitumen production techniques, fractional distillation is to be considered a primary process.

The Alma Petroli refinery has been specifically designed to produce distilled bitumen, obtained through a “straight run” process on asphaltenic and naphthenic crude oils.

We produce distilled bitumen for road paving obtained directly as the vacuum column bottom residue, as well as industrial and oxidized bitumens in bulk and blocks.

The plant can also refine naphthenic crude oils from which naturally emulsifiable bitumen is obtained, a product particularly suitable for road paving, bituminous emulsions and industrial applications.

The Integrated Management System, which also includes UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, guarantees that the products meet high quality standards.

Thanks to our continuous Research and Development and laboratory analyses, we produce highly specialized bitumens, also according to specific client requirements.

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