Alma Petroli promotes objectives and programmes aimed at sustainable development, encouraging responsible choices far beyond compliance with current laws and regulations, adopting a certified Integrated Management System. Counting on the active involvement and responsible collaboration of all its personnel, Alma Petroli is committed to pursuing a strategic objective: “Respect for the Environment”.
Our production site, located near a nature reserve, has a fully paved surface which ensures that all liquid effluents are conveyed; in addition, we minimize waste production, promote waste recovery and we capture and monitor gaseous emissions throughout the site.

We have invested, and are still investing, in energy efficiency, with cogeneration plants, solar panels and photovoltaic energy production.
All our plants are also built using state-of-the-art metals, thus minimizing breakage and, consequently, product leaks and dispersion.
From the technological point of view, the refinery has Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, Continuous Water Discharge Monitoring Systems and Abatement systems for the main pollutants.
There is a cogeneration plant for the in-house production of electrical and thermal energy and a rainwater collection system is in place to minimize water consumption.


Alma Petroli is part of the environmental certification project (EMAS) of the Ravenna chemical district, Italy’s first ever, a project of particular strategic importance as it involves an entire production area, with geographically neighbouring companies all working in the chemical, energy and waste management sectors.

This agreement enhances a consolidated practice of voluntary agreements in the environmental field, started in the 1970s within the territory of Ravenna and which makes it possible to achieve industrial development in harmony with the use of territorial resources and compatible with the environment.